Individual Services

I’ve never met an employed person who didn’t want to do a good job, whether they were maintenance workers, doctors, entrepreneurs, or executives. Most people know when they are not meeting expectations, whether their own or those of their employer. Together, let's close the gap between expectation and reality.

As an expert in accountable managerial leadership development, I assist my clients in identifying what areas need to be developed, then craft a manageable plan of action so they realize their goals. For some, it’s skill development. For others, particularly entrepreneurs, it’s having a trusted strategic thinking partner one whose thinking is imaginative and inspiring. Naturally curious and committed to lifelong learning, I have an uncanny ability to make connections with seemingly disparate pieces of information and knowledge. After we’ve identified your goals, I’m here to partner with you every step of the way to see you reach your potential.

I am responsive to the unique requests of my clients, and am available for assignments of varying degrees and durations.. From a two-hour brainstorming session, to monthly assignments and on-going advisory retainer relationships, I’m here to cultivate your talents and help you reach your leadership potential.

Executive Coaching

Leadership is a two-way street paved with action. I'll work with you one-on-one to help build upon your strengths and nullify your weaknesses to activate your leadership potential.


I assess your interests, business practices, and requisite skill set to discern areas of improvement in your business endeavors. Then, I use this discovery and design individualized solutions that meet your goals.