An Interview With Rosemary

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you become an expert executive coach and business consultant? 

I can’t remember when I was first aware of my love of people and possibilities.  As a child, I had a zest for life which has only gotten stronger as I’ve matured.   When someone says something can’t be done, I ask, “Why not?”  I have been intrigued with the world of work since I learned about the labor movement in college.  If you take a moment to think about people and work you’ll realize we spend about a third of their lives at employed work.  Are you happy and satisfied with your work life? I believe one’s experience at work should be very satisfying, engaging their creativity and imagination to complete assignments.  All of us deserve the experience of feeling valued and respected by managers and peers.

Who are your clients exactly?

Clients fall into three general categories, individuals, mid to large corporations, and owner managers of small businesses. Although the work for each differs, underlying all my work is a commitment to help people and organizations be the best they can be. I attract people who want to be the best at what they do.  For example, highly successful, recently promoted individuals who intuitively know they need to learn new skills and behaviors to be successful in their new role.   People who are trying to break out of limiting mindsets, trying to break bad habits or are feeling stuck and wanting more out of life.

Large corporations engage my services when they are addressing workforce issues.  It might relate to a team that is not functioning well, a desire to change the culture of business units, creating a robust talent development system or my sweet spot analyzing the role structure and management hierarchy to uncover fractures in the organization spine of the business. .  

Owner managers of small businesses are unique in that they have the drive and vision to launch their company but frequently don’t have the knowledge, skill and experience to create a requisite structure for it.  Often these are people who want to learn how to effectively manage their business and people. Sometimes they just want a strategic thinking partner.  Someone to share ideas with who will provide an objective point of view.

What happens when you haven’t worked with a client in my field/industry?

Part of my uniqueness is that I understand people, structure and systems.  I thrive on learning about new fields and industries.  I’ve worked in Consumer Products, Cosmetics, Research and Engineering, Finance, Manufacturing, Marketing, Design, Healthcare, Government & Municipal agencies, the Military, Education and with small business and franchisors.   The list goes on. My expertise is understanding the infrastructure of businesses, management, role relationships and systems and practices that build trust and openness resulting in outstanding results for individual workers, teams and the entire organization. As a former therapist and social worker I have excellent listening and communication skills.  I am also comfortable working with energy and how it affects behavior.

 How are you different from other business coaches/consultants?

I am a wisdom carrier.  My passion is creating conditions in which people and organizations thrive and realize their full potential.  A generalist I do not fit into one category but draw on years of experience, knowledge, skills and spiritual traditions to become the instrument through which guidance, support and solutions emerge. I practice lifelong learning myself so that I continuously weave current insights and knowledge into my solutions.

I am unique in my approach in that I blend consulting, advising and coaching together to customize a unique solution to my clients expressed needs.  An alchemist I am masterful at what I do.

What type of personality do you work with best?

Although I may have a natural affinity with some personalities, I’ve mastered the ability to connect with everyone who is considering working with me.  I use a tool called DiSC, which heightens people’s awareness of their natural behavioral style.  It also provides information about how to proactively strategize working with people with different styles. This is a helpful first step in most engagements.  Most important to me is the individual’s commitment to the work we’ve undertaken.

As a client, what would you expect from me?

I expect you to be committed, truthful, open to feedback and willing to do the work. I expect you to keep appointments, and do any homework or collection of data that may be required. In other words, I expect you to do your utmost to make our work together everything you want it to be and more and I will do the same. I also expect you to be timely with agreements and other contract stipulations.

What does the work consist of?

Each assignment is different and informed by the presenting concern.  For some, the work consists of a series of one to one meetings with me. Other assignments might require my conducting interviews with staff, analyzing the data, presenting findings with strategies for consideration, and developing action steps for implementing the recommendations. Or, an assignment might consist of designing specialized or targeted seminars to develop more effective teams, and/or provide development opportunities for employees.

What kind of results can I expect?  

Results differ depending on the assignment.  Clients frequently tell me they are sleeping better.  No longer waking up in the middle of the night with anxiety and worry.  Feelings of excitement and enthusiasm about moving forward emerge, replacing concern and dread. Relationships with significant others in their lives are less stressful.  When the assignment consists of a comprehensive analysis, results expand to include cost savings, improvements in morale, increased employee engagement and overall increases in productivity and profitability.

How quickly can I expect results?  

Shifts in energy and perspective (aka “aha” moments) can come early in an engagement.  Coaching assignments can be intensives (full days) or unfold over a few months.  Organization-wide projects from start to finish can be anywhere from 3 to 18 months. Cost savings resulting from restructuring and productivity improvements are apparent within months.

Can I speak with some of your clients?

I’ve been blessed with wonderful clients.  Even though assignments may involve proprietary information or be very personal in nature my clients are willing to share their experience with potential clients.  I am happy to give you the names of clients you can speak to.