Organizational Services

Engaged employees. Lean operations. Maximized productivity. Workplaces where employees can trust one another to do their best. Leadership that inspires.

At BE, we believe that building a business should not be at the expense of the employee and that employees are the core of a successful organization. A shared mission only makes a company stronger – and for our clients, this shared purpose not only catapults individual performance, but adds value to the company as a whole, bringing employees together with an aligned, unified purpose.

This synergy is key to the evolution of business consciousness.

At BE, our unique approach joins the discipline of Requisite Organization with our finely tuned instincts and turns traditional management consulting, leadership development and professional coaching upside down. In the words of our founder, Rosemary Bova, "Tradition is only as good as its ability to evolve."

Here's how we target our services to the specific needs of clients:

Executive Coaching

Leadership is a two-way street paved with action. Our methodology and 1:1 coaching will help you live up to your full potential as a visionary and leader.

Business Consulting Services

We customize our management consulting services to uncover the root cause of dysfunction, and then follow this discovery with  individualized solutions targeting the realization of your organization's goals.

Meeting Facilitation

In addition to a wide variety of customized workshops from employee empowerment to leadership and motivation, I'm here to ensure executive messaging is clear, productive facilitative behavior is reinforced, and that all parties within your company are “heard.”

Public Speaking

I've spent over 25 years speaking to audiences large and small, from upstart organizations to Fortune 100 titans. I bring a raw energy to my presentations thoughtfully tailored to your organizational needs.