Why Send Heartfelt Thoughts?

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  The day we celebrate the loving relationships in our lives.  Many of you reading this have that certain someone who is special in your life, the person who you call your Valentine.  Are you one of the hundreds of thousands spending millions on chocolates, dinners, flowers, jewelry and hundreds of other gift items in an effort to demonstrate how much they mean to us?  I’ve been

struck by this year’s Hallmark Cards advertisement on TV.  Simply it’s a variety of people saying what they’d like to hear someone dear to them tell them.  Not overtly a valentine ad, it can be used most anytime because the sentiments are so universal.

Recently I’ve taken an unplanned breather from blogging and the BEI newsletter.  A few people have mentioned how much they enjoy my blogs and compendium newsletters.  They find them stimulating and a vehicle for keeping up with me personally.  Hearing that today from two very different sources inspired me to sit down and write.  So as we approach Valentine’s Day I want to express heartfelt gratitude to those of you who read what I write, keep current with my thinking and follow my personal and professional journey.

May I also suggest you wish a stranger or two a happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow.  That simple gesture can make someone’s day. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!