Help Me I'm Drowning

If you are anything  like me there are days when you are running as fast as you can and not making the progress or impact you hope to make.  It’s getting more difficult to distinguish between busyness and doingness.

We live in a time, and a world that suffers from information overload. It’s getting harder to distinguish whether information received is accurate or even relevant to our work.  Information appears in many different places and forms.  It is increasingly more challenging to distinguish accurate information, that which has been vetted, from fabricated ideas having no basis in reality.  To stymie us even more unfortunately, some fabrications are intended to mislead and manipulate.  We become overwhelmed.

Have you gone to a concert recently? I was at MSG recently to hear Billy Joel. Most people are taking pictures of the concert totally missing out on the experience of the concert.  Its crazy. 
Overwhelm results in poor communication, anxiety, fatigue and closing out new stimuli. We go into a protective shell.  Once fatigue sets in, it can lead to  exhaustion and depletion of our immune systems. 

Swimming in overwhelm, communicating poorly, exhaustion and weakened immunity,  results in feeling as if we have no control over our lives.  Our overall effectiveness and ability to focus is compromised You may wonder what this has to do with running a business or working for a corporation. The answer is a great deal.  When we are experiencing overwhelm our ability to communicate effectively is diminished. We suffer from irritability and brittle communications which has a ripple effect in the workplace.  People feel put upon, undervalued or even worse disrespected. Morale erodes.

Here is what I started doing in 2017  and commit to do throughout this new year. 
Research and spiritual teachings agree it’s necessary to surround yourself with positive thoughts and thinking to stay positive. Sign up for daily announcements form one of your favorites. I receive Daily Om and Daily Quote from Abraham  They keep me positive..  As part of an advanced program I am doing, I have an accountability partner (AP’s).  We speak daily for 5 minutes or text focussing on priorities and positivity.  

We have control over our thoughts, and how we react to situations with which we are confronted. Developing new habits that allow us to stay positive, grounded and focussed will enable us to realize extraordinary accomplishments.  A clear mind allows us to dream, be creative and focus on what is important to us. We are able to be our best.