Is There Ever a Wrong Time?

There’s this one question I am asked quite often—When is the right time to hire a consultant or a coach to help me in getting my company from point A to point B?

I hear this from executives of large, well-established firms, small business owners and even from those just getting started. My very short answer is, while the answer may be a bit different for different sized organizations, there’s really never a wrong time. But obviously there’s a lot more detail behind all this.

Whether you’re working within a large, multifaceted organization or a small business, you have the same bottom line goals in mind—success and profit. However, getting from point A to point B differs greatly. Therefore the help and expertise an organization needs differs greatly as well.

Large companies tend to be complex and with lots of working parts. Often, large companies have expertise in-house but often appreciate augmenting such with a very different point of view, with someone not steeped in the particular workplace. Sometimes, in-house experts and staff are too closely embroiled in the issues at stake and the only true solution is hiring an outside, unbiased expert who’ll bring fresh innovation to the table.

Smaller organizations generally don’t have in-house expertise on hand and are more likely to require outside guidance to help fuel and/or sustain progress. Often during periods of growth, such companies need significant work done around workplace culture, group and individual mindsets, vision, etc. All of this is necessary when trying to achieve alignment across your organization. And of course, alignment is necessary when trying to achieve growth and success.

Even smaller companies—the one or two man/woman show or the start-up—often seek us out as a coach and sounding board to help be effective in their endeavors, to set a solid foundation for growth and to avoid pitfalls down the road.

At Bova Enterprises, we customize our approach to meet the specific needs of our clients. One size certainly does not, nor should not fit all. We work both long- and short-term depending on the issues at hand. And many times, we become a regular advisor (akin to legal or financial advisors) and really get to dig in deep in an on-going fashion. Of course depending on the type of client or service needed, we also bring a richness and depth of expertise via a wide cadre of senior associates to solve problems, identify solutions and much more.

Reach out and see how Bova Enterprises can bring you from point A to point B, and then some.