Why Authenticity?

Have you ever thought about the importance of having authentic relationships with co-workers and business partners? I have. I’ve been noticing people building shields around themselves. Isolating themselves. Trying to protect themselves from too much stimuli. Keeping coworkers at arms length.

This results in stressful interactions and communications. It diminishes opportunities for creative ideas to be developed or imagination to be released. Substantive responses cannot be shared for fear of creating conflict.

At BE we are authorized partners with the Wiley Company and use the Everything DiSC suite of products to assist our clients to learn more about themselves, their behavioral tendencies and how this informs their relationships with others who might have different stylistic tendencies. Let us help you learn more about yourself and your employees.

Conflicts can be ironed out, while brainstorming goes to a new level. People learning about themselves can carry that knowledge into their personal lives which is a response to”what’s in it for me?” A workplace characterized by authentic relationships among coworkers is likely to be more innovative, creative and successful.