When Humanity Speaks

For the last two weeks the world watched with bated breath as an international team of highly skilled rescuers and volunteers numbering close to a thousand, first located 12 missing boys and their coach in a flooded cave in northern Thailand. They then devised a highly complex plan to extract them which went off without a hitch and in record time. 

How does this happen?

Humanity spoke! Every person on earth could identify with being trapped deep underground in total darkness, with no food and surrounded by water which they knew would likely rise with the monsoon season upon them. Add to this the fact all but one were children. These universal emotional touchpoints magnetized people all over the globe to come forth. Within days an international team of rescuers formed, translators showed up and this group who speak different languages, pull off an impossible feat. They developed a comprehensive, albeit highly dangerous and complex plan to extricate the children and their coach. Millions of people prayed using their own religious traditions, creating an energetic safety net for this plan. Sadly, one diver did die before the extraction got underway.

What if you could create that degree of focus and commitment in your company? How might that impact your business?

There is a phenomenon called the vortex. According to Esther and Jerry Hicks, it is an energetic field of positive vibrational energy. It took a few days for the vortex to be created. When people heard of 12 young boys and their coach missing in a flooded cave, millions of positive thoughts and prayers traveled over the airwaves in hope they’d be found. Once found, the ante was upped--how do we get them out?

We’ve all heard stories of groups of bystanders lifting a car to save someone pinned under it. It’s more than just an adrenal rush. Here are a few of my thoughts.

  • A common goal people understand the whys and wherefores of speaks volumes to them
  • When people recognize their efforts, and ideas are valued and appreciated people become engaged
  • When people recognize that the goal is bigger than they are and that the goal has a greater purpose, they rise to the occasion

I invite you to think of three steps you might take within the next few days to transform your organization. Here’s a first step: Talk about this with your people; listen closely to their thoughts.

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Scatter joy, and be kind to others particularly at work,