Don't Just Rest & Relax This Labor Day

Many people seem to be taking time out to relax during these waning days of summer, especially with the long Labor Day weekend upon us. We here at Bova Enterprises are doing so as well. However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t reach out as I’ve done in years past, to give Labor Day its due.

Each year at this time I find myself thinking about labor…about work…and of course, about how I can help make it all better. This is a true passion of mine, and has been since college when I majored in labor economics.

It would behoove each of us to take a bit of time this long holiday weekend for thoughts of our own work. Sure, it’s important to get away, to escape work, to take a break. Hear me out for a second… Think about it…

Are you happy with the work you do everyday?

What sort of changes can you make to improve even just one aspect of your work?

Is your organization efficient in its processes?

Are you an effective manager?

How can you insure your communication with workers and colleagues is ever improving?

What can your organization do to improve outcomes?

These questions are really just the tip of the iceberg…

Do you think you and your organization might benefit from some guidance with the work you are doing, with how you can improve your staff morale, output or even how you can increase your bottom line?

I’ll be back at it in full force first thing Tuesday afternoon. Reach out anytime at / 212 685 0870. Or, click below to learn more... right now.

Have any of my comments evoked something in you? What is your thinking on this topic? Sharing your reflections helps all of us to grow and expand our thinking. Comments can be left on the Contact Rosemary page.