Holding On & Letting Go

Out of the roughly 326 million people in US, 128 million are now under 18 years. This means that they were not born when the terror attacks occurred. While there is no question we must continue to remember and honor that tragic day, it is also important that we do not get weighed down and stuck in morbidity about it. The new memorial park in Shanksville, PA where Flight 93 went down honors the spot as sacred ground with a tower and wind chimes, sending beautiful sound vibrations across the meadows and hills. Indeed it is important and vastly meaningful to feel and acknowledge. Yet, no matter how difficult, it is also critical that we don't get stuck in those feelings.

Fear is a powerful feeling.

Many people live in fear on a daily basis. And I don't necessarily mean fear related to September 11th or such horrific events. Rather, people far too regularly fear such matters as conflict at work, losing their job, being passed over for that big promotion, not saving enough for retirement, the list could go on and on.

How can you work around these fears? More so, how can you overcome them? Give me a call--I can help.