Human Dignity... on the daily

I have this client who, over the years has also become a close friend. Passionate about buying and wearing Brunello Cucinelli (luxe Italian designer), she's spoken of the interplay of his sense of Italian style and quality along with his commitment to outstanding customer experience whether in person or ordering special items from Italy. Although his clothing is out of my price range even when on sale, I was fully aware of his sense of style and commitment to quality; but I was not aware of his philosophy about work. Believe me, it is worth knowing about.

We could all learn from Brunello Cucinelli...

  • His company and his philanthropy have amost single-handedly restored the town of Solomeno, Italy

  • His emphasis is steadfastly on the moral and economic dignity of the human being

  • His father's message to him growing up remains at the foundation of his daily existence: "the only thing that matters is for you to be a good man"

  • His workers are paid well

  • Work stops at 5:30pm because “overwork steals from the soul”

Yes, he is the owner of the company; plus you might say to yourself he's a billionaire and can do anything he wants. All of this is true. Yet I share this today to ask you to reflect and ponder, "What can I do?” What might you do to transform the experience you are having at work? What might you do that will make a difference to the people who work in roles directly under your management. Most people today are overworked. Their exhaustion and malaise is demonstrated by global statistics found in Gallup and Deloitte Touche annual surveys. I hear, as I am sure you do, comments like “above my pay grade” and “the powers that be are only concerned about money.”

I am asking you this weekend to ponder and reflect on the statement, “moral and economic dignity of the human being,” and to do some soul searching. What kind of visceral reaction did you have when you heard or read that phrase? What small thing might you introduce into your life this week to support yourself or another. If each of us agrees to take a step in the right direction each week, I know we can transform the world of work. And... If we do that, we know we can transform the world.

*In case you are interested, here is a recent piece that CBS' Sunday Morning did on Bruno Cucinelli*