Every once in awhile you find yourself somewhere listening to something and you have one of those aha moments. I had that experience just recently. I was at mass listening to the priest give his homily. The point he chose to highlight from the Gospel reading was, discipline.

For most of us, we think of discipline as the need to “discipline” another be it a child or a worker. There is often that connotation of having done something wrong and needing to be punished. However, the priest spoke about the origin of the word coming from Old French and Latin disciplina as meaning instruction and knowledge.

This got me thinking…

Although I knew he was making a point about the importance of being disciplined in one’s religious practices, the importance of reframing discipline became crystal clear to me. Discipline, when used properly in the workplace is transformative, not only to the individuals involved but to the company or organization as a whole. Just think about it.

What if we were able to introduce the importance of increased knowledge and instruction through continuous learning and skill development communicated in a compassionate constructive fashion? Employees would not only be engaged in the tasks at hand but, like a stone thrown in the center of a pond ripples would spread out. Can you imagine the shift of energy in the workplace? Enthusiasm, an engaged workforce. What if you went home every night after a full day of work and felt exhilarated? What impact would that have on your family--spouse, partner, children, neighbors? The trickle down effect is almost inconceivable.

I ask you, how do you think of discipline? When someone at work f..ks up how do you react? Do you punish? Or do you constructively impart knowledge and educate. Years ago Bucky Fuller wrote an article entitled, The Mistake Mystique. I, for one, grew up being afraid to make mistakes. In the article he pointed out how essential it is for all of us to make mistakes and learn from them; to correct and keep moving forward.

I welcome your comments and suggestions. Lets create a community where we share with one another. Let’s help each other be bold, brave and be our best.