How does Independence Day Reflect Engagement?

Happy Independence Day to all! If your life is anything like mine you spent the weekend with family and friends sharing food and drink, taking a swim in a pool, pond, lake or ocean and celebrating the uniqueness of the United States of America. I am writing this to you from my home in Amagansett. Once known as the sleepy village in East Hampton-its not so sleepy anymore. We are blessed to be a part of this community for many years and have seen it develop and grow. Saturday, as tradition would have it, we watched fireworks sponsored by the Devon Yacht Club. Sunday night, like millions of Americans, we watched the celebrations on TV. Personally, I thought the number of servicemen and women dressed in full uniform honored at the celebrations was heart warming. The patriotism was evident when those in my living room burst into song when the patriotic medleys began. Sure, not all of the on-goings in this country are positive and inspiring, but I must say the feeling of being part of this great country overwhelmed me. It’s a great feeling to be a part of something larger than oneself. Last night I witnessed millions of American’s from all walks of life, political persuasions and economic classes celebrating their American heritage. This is engagement, at its best.

Last week I had a client, recently promoted to the top spot, say to me “my people are hungering for leadership”. I don’t think he is alone in this observation. Millions of American workers hunger for leadership. They hunger for the woman or man at the top to exhibit courage, honesty and integrity in the decisions they make. They want to know the reasons behind certain decisions that affect them personally.

Many years ago at a Human Resource Planning Society Annual Conference I heard an executive of the then Martin Marietta Company talk about how he managed a significant number of job eliminations by personally meeting with each individual whose role was being eliminated and letting them know he was committed to helping them find other positions. What a novel idea. I remember him saying it was not an easy task, but turned out to be a very rewarding task as those whose positions were eliminated experienced were treated with respect and dignity. No one lost their temper or used abusive language. This morning I received the Jim Rohn Newsletter. It speaks about “Maintaining Honesty and Dignity”. I link it here for your perusal, as it is just another perspective on Organization Engagement:

Have a great week!