Blue Balance In A Black And White World!

Monday was Labor Day and to celebrate my life partner Dan and I went to see Avatar. We are probably the only two in the city who hadn’t seen it the first go around. We treated ourselves and went to see the extended version in IMAX 3D. What an experience. It was as if we were in the film ourselves. To anyone who can see it this way I/we highly recommend you treat yourself to the opportunity. The rollercoaster my emotions experienced had me intensely angry one moment and experiencing nirvana the next. I wondered if I’d have violent dreams that night but fortunately the love and “oneness of all life” messages overcame any negative images that might have lingered in my psyche. So what has Avatar to do with Engaged Organizations? James Cameron had the vision of this movie for more than 20 years. He had to wait for technology to catch up to what his brain created-could see, feel, hear and taste. He held fast to his vision and maintained his commitment to this endeavor. He kept those around him engaged in this vision to varying degrees. I’m sure the making of Avatar programs go into this but I can only imagine the excitement and creativity that went into creating the Avatars and the creatures on Pandora, the music, cinematography.

In my July newsletter I shared my excitement about the new RO Platform, software that enables RO advisors and managers to expeditiously demonstrate the impact timespan measurement of roles has on organization design. Elliott Jaques died knowing the benefit and impact of his research on the lives of workers around the world, but before software technology advanced to make clear-cut illustrations of outcomes available to clients. Without technology it was harder to demonstrate the impact RO has on an organization’s effectiveness. Elliott’s vision of the potential vibrant work systems can have by adding value and wealth to society and providing opportunities for workers at all levels to contribute their best, remains as strong as ever. Blessedly we are here to carry forth this important work, which takes me back to Avatar.

I didn’t read reviews and was turned off by all the hype. Consequently I did not expect the violence and oppression. I recall people saying to me “you must see the film”, “it’s wonderful”, its message is great”. Even one of the priests I know mentioned he went to see it four times. Perplexed, I choose to imagine that most people resonated with the Avatars’ strong sense of oneness --of us being united with all living things. Is there a more clear-cut illustration of engagement?

A colleague and friend died this week after suffering multiple strokes. We created a sistercare prayer and holding group for her. Literally there was always someone at her bedside for the two and a half months she was ill. Others sent energy and prayers from afar. I took great comfort in the Avatars chanting around their sacred tree. Who were more evolved? Perhaps we need to learn more about organization engagement from Avatar!

Eid Mubarak to those friends who are ending Ramadan and Happy New Year those celebrating a new beginning.