Featuring an Engaged Executive

This week I am off to Baltimore for meetings regarding the new Requisite Organization Platform and a Board Meeting for the Requisite Organization International Institute. Consequently, this blog will be short. I’ll have lots to say next time in the September Newsletter, which will go out late next week. However I do want to introduce you to Angela Ahrendts the CEO of Burberry.  I caught her being interviewed by Charlie Rose last week and am providing a link to that interview.  I have no idea if she has ever heard of an EngagedOrg or Requisite Organization but this woman emulates a truly engaged executive.  You will enjoy listening to this interview and have the experience of hearing first hand from an engaged leader.  Apparently the Dalai Lama in a speech given in British Columbia last spring said, "The world will be saved by the western woman."  If Angela Ahrendts is any example the world is in good hands. “And she’s not even a client.”

Check out the interview here