Right, Wrong, Taking Sides or Pulling Together

Waking up the morning after an election is always exhilarating for some and sobering for others.  I find myself in a reflective mood this morning as I compare and contrast my day yesterday with lawyers in an attempt to find an acceptable solution to a corporate conflict and the results of the election.  This blog is not a political statement. However, I can’t help but wonder about….. the impact all the negative campaigning has had not only on our election, but also on our national spirit and particularly on our children. Yesterday after months of trying to get together, counsel and clients sat down and for the first time began to talk about a resolution to a dispute.  Both sides spending thousands of dollars.  Who is right and who is wrong?  We’ve never had a chance to air the points of view. Counsel styles differed similar to the candidates in the NY Governor race. One side used bullying and scare tactics while the other maintained a lets solve this problem approach.  We are now there but its taken months and been costly.

My situation is a metaphor to what is happening in our government.  Campaigns of dis-information and negativity have become the American way.  Comments made about "our" President during the campaign have made me shutter.  Yet people continually talk about a return to values.  What values are we talking about?  Being patriotic is not limited to one party or the other.  Most anyone you ask, whether on the conservative or liberal end of their party, views themselves as having family values of respect, integrity, honesty, responsibility and being of service to those in need.  These values are American values not partisan values. The question I ask is "are our politicians acting in alignment with those values or believing in them but behaving differently?"  Does the end justify the means?

Americans in towns and cities from coast to coast have demonstrated the spirit of America by helping one another out in these difficult times of need.  These are the stories we need to be hearing about.  Last Sunday’s 60 Minutes featured a town in Iowa decimated by the economic downturn.  People are pulling together.  The segment is worth watching Click Here

Diversity of thought and belief is what our founding fathers tried to secure for generations to come.  The American people have spoken this election.  Some are rejoicing, others are tearful.  Bottom line is the time has come to pull together.  See Catalyst blog  Click Here

Let’s get rid of the bullying, the dug in heels. Has anyone thought about the connection between bullying of youth in school and the bullying that has gone on in Congress or the media for ratings?  I think there is a direct connection.  Children are imitating adults. The lack of civility and manipulation of information for personal goals is having a profound impact on our youth.  The great danger is a generation that learns values from our poor behavior with one another.

Let us come together, listen to one another and create wonderful solutions that go beyond either party’s wildest dreams.  Let us build together for our children and their children.  Corporate leaders can use this opportunity to reflect on their own leadership style.  Is your behavior building an Engaged Organization?  If not, start now.  If yes, tell us how!