Are You Staying Calm Through the Chaos of Fast Business?

I’m a fan of Fast Company Magazine.  I love their coverage of what’s going on in the business community.  Heavy emphasis on technology, creative and design, their approach is forward thinking and contemporary.  As a member of the over 40 crowd, I find reading their articles informative and inspiring. Today’s online edition speaks about the transformation in the …..advertising industry.  Advertising like so many industries is experiencing a major shake up, more likely a 100 year storm with the rise of digital.  I really encourage you to read the article. Click Here

In an earlier blog I mentioned Kiyosaki’s book Business in the 21st Century, which addresses changes in advertising with specific emphasis on the rise of network marketing as a new business model.  Only 50 years old it has not grown like its sister franchising, but with the digital age it is ready to explode.  Social media will transform network marketing.  Many of you know I have joined the Trump Network to create residual income and replace IRA value losses of the last few years. Click Here for a clip of Donald Trump on Power Lunch this afternoon where he talks about the Trump Network.

The real question is what does all this change and transformation mean for all of us-especially baby boomers? As immigrants of the digital world we must let go of our comfort zone and step into the world of the unknown.  We need to reinvent ourselves on the one hand, while at the same time appreciating some of our important strengths.  The art of relationship building is a strength, which I for one believe is currently undervalued by citizens of the digital world.

How do we stay calm in the midst of chaos and upheaval?  Here are two of my tips.  They may sound superficial at first but they do work.

Breathe: Specifically when anxious, frustrated or fearful take a few minutes and do some deep breathing.  Feet should be flat on the floor if possible.  Take deep inhalations that fill up your belly, hold for a couple of seconds and then release the breath slowly.  If possible make the exhalation twice as long as the inhalation.  A trick I use is to imagine inhaling peace, or energy, or calmness and exhaling anxiety, frustration fatigue.  It works.

Vata Tea or Quikstik Unwind:  Both beverages have a calming effect.  Vata is an Ayurvedic formula. It’s wonderful but I don’t know where you can purchase it (it was a gift).  Quikstik is a new mood infusion beverage manufactured by the Trump Network. I sell it to myself.  If not either of these drinks, choose a calming beverage of your liking and take a few minutes out of each day to savor it.  Five minutes will make a difference.

Next week is Thanksgiving and I’ll be busy preparing the annual turkey feast so there won’t be a blog. I wish all of you a wonderful thanksgiving.  For those whose life is in turmoil, topsy-turvy or fear filled give thanks to that which you do have.  I am grateful that you take the time to read what I write.