Are You Ready For 2011?

Best wishes for a healthy, prosperous 2011!  Have you realized we have also stepped into a new decade?  I for one am glad to have the first decade of the 21st Century behind us.  It was a tough one.  So many natural disasters, terrorist attacks, wars, hunger, and hardship across the world.  I wonder if this is normal when we enter into a new century?  Is the first decade always challenging.  Watching some retrospectives on Sunday TV I was amazed to see how technology has changed our daily lives.  There was Steve Jobs introducing the iPod in 2000.  I was fortunate to relax at the seaside the last few days of the year, reflecting on the past and focusing on the future.  I’d like to share some of those thoughts with you…… I’ve been thinking about the distinction between resolve and dedicate.  I choose not to make New Year’s resolutions but I have chosen to dedicate this year and perhaps this decade as well, to values I hold and qualities I believe important.  Peace, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Imagination, Service, Community (be it local or global), and Simplicity are the qualities I am dedicating my life to this year and this decade.  I envision the next 12 months making a living breathing collage by living my life in the context these values and qualities provide. I am excited about this.  It feels oh so right.

I’ve been asking myself and am now asking you what can I/you do to make my/your community, town, organization, the planet etc., a better place?  Strangely enough I heard on the morning news that Lindsay Lohan tweeted a quote from Mahatma Ghandi.  I usually tune out when I hear news reports about her but was curious about the quote. “The future depends on what we do in the present.”  It struck me as an important statement we should all be thinking about.

I intend to make a tapestry using these qualities and values throughout the year.  One of the vehicles I’ll use is this blog and my monthly newsletter.  As you know my focus or stage has always been the world of work, focusing on the invisible infrastructure of work systems be they mom and pop shops or multi-nationals.  I will continue to emphasize the world of work and will focus on individuals be they, managers, individual contributors, in “C” level roles or on the shop floor.  My intention is to help each of you improve your own experience at work as well as the experience of others at your workplace.  Perhaps even to leverage the information to all aspects of your life.  The world needs engaged people and engaged organizations.  Will you be one?


If you  find yourself in East Hampton, New York, between now and January 16th check out the "Cities Of Peace" exhibition by Ellen Frank at the Guild Hall Museum. It is breathtaking and worth a special trip.

Also check out the Ellen Frank Illumination Arts Foundation at EFIAF.ORG