Do You Know How To Stay Warm During A Snowstorm?

I’m just back from Florida where I traversed the state over 7 days combining business, with family and friends from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando and back.  It was hectic yet pleasant.  Along the way I was inspired by…..hearing Lou DiCaprio, President of the Trump Network  speak of his desire for us to “Rebrand Corporate America from Profitability to People”.  Within days I also heard Professor Cornel West from Princeton speak on the Tavis Smiley show about greatness being determined by how we deal with the poor.  I also heard Andy Andrews author of The Traveler’s Gift speak about the four causes people are having personal difficulty at work.  These are issues outside the workplace affecting their performance in the workplace.  They are:

  • Marriage or relationship issues
  • Concern with children (even adult children)
  • Financial concerns
  • They don’t think they matter.

I find these fascinating and worthy of reflection.   What better way to stay warm of heart then thinking about these few ideas?  Here in NYC we are expecting another snowstorm and frigid temperatures.  Stormy weather always seems like the ideal time to reflect on life.  There’s nothing better than to snuggle on the couch with an inspirational book or personal journal.  How do rebranding America’s corporations to focus on people, reinterpreting greatness and thinking about the four categories that drain people from focusing on their work affect you?  What is the change in the world you want to be?