Sitting here in my office in the sweltering heat.  If anyone had told me we’d reach 97 degrees in early June I would have told them they were crazy.  What’s the old saying, “misery loves company I’m not alone in that more than half the country is experiencing this unprecedented heat wave.  I often wonder Is the universe sending us a message?  Thousands of acres are burning in AZ, we’ve had a run of deadly tornados in April and May killing over 450 people, destroying over 8000 buildings In Joplin, MO and devastating the cities of West Springfield and Springfield, MA.  Here in NY the news waves are obsessed with the Congressman Weiner sexting scandal.  We are hearing little about the impressive community and team efforts in the Dakotas, Iowa and Nebraska to offset the rising Missouri River. Those communities destroyed by tornados are slowly picking up the pieces. This morning I received an email from a friend and colleague in Sweden, actually he is the founder of Next Level-USA the company I’m affiliating with and mentioned in my Newsletter last week talking about “a good life”.  Runar was asking and answering the question, “What is a good life?”

Taking his lead I ask you the same question. What are the components of a good life? How does it differ for each and every one of us?  How does living a good life affect you at your place of employment?  Does it affect how you run your business?  Does it affect how you are with family?  Technology has sped up the world to such a great degree that many of us, particularly the young have never even asked themselves these questions.  When I put this in the greater context of devastating weather throughout the US and the volcanic eruptions and earthquakes around the world, I begin to think the “universe” (that which is greater than all of us), is telling us we need a course correction.  We need to bring humanity and compassion back into the forefront of our daily lives. How do you define a good life?