Are You Running As Fast As You Can?

Did you know that corporate profits in the US are up 22% from their rate in 2007?  These are pre-recession numbers.  How has this dramatic growth influenced the American worker?As jobs have been eliminated the tasks that accompanied the eliminated jobs are reassigned to other workers.  Unlikely to resist the assignment of additional new tasks workers quietly accept the additions to their workload. Given the job market perception is they have little recourse.  It takes a very courageous person to speak up in this environment, let alone decide to leave when they see leaving as their only recourse.  Most are doing the best they can to keep up.  Once again fear runs rampant. Speed Up is the phenomenon I’ve just described.  It’s a term that was used years ago when the American Worker was turning to the union movement to get relief, respect and fair wages.  Mother Jones has a comprehensive story about this in its current edition You might also want to listen to an interview on WNYC's Brian Lehrer's show  Monday June 27th with Clara Jeffrey co-editor of Mother Jones Magazine.

It’s disturbing to learn these facts.  Passionate about building engaged organizations I can’t help but wonder what the underlying assumptions and values are of the executives in  corporate America that continue to amass fortunes on the backs of workers.  Totally supportive of greater effectiveness, efficiency and profitability in our work systems I have seen and helped to create initiatives that incorporate principles of fair pay, managerial accountability and effectiveness.   This is possible while at the same time engaging the workforce.  Dr. Elliott Jaques the architect of Requisite Organization outlines a science based set of principles in Social Power And The CEO Leadership and Trust is a Sustainable Free Enterprise System published by Quorum Books.  After all aren't we all in this together wanting to feed our families and build a better life?

Campaign 2012 has begun.  What kind of patriotism is there in corporate systems undermining the American and worker and their families?