"Hot Time Summer In The City…"

Summer’s heat and humidity is on the increase with the temperatures reaching into the 90ºs, high humidity and poor air quality.  As is tradition in our house Monday evening we watched the 4th of July Fireworks on TV.  The Capital, Macy’s and Boston Pops each had unique programs.  Patriotism was planted on all the faces celebrating Independence Day.  I couldn't help but think what if those feelings and enthusiasm for patriotism were applied to work in Congress and Corporate America?  What might our economy be like?  What might the American worker be doing, feeling, experiencing? I wondered if people were riled about the new “speed up” process I wrote about last week. What would happen if workers expressed their dismay about the state of affairs in their organizations?  Would more tasks be loaded upon their already heavy shoulders?  A voice for organization engagement, I have been writing about it in all its facets for the last year and a half. 

Workers are engaged when they feel valued, appreciated, and respected by others with whom they work.  Celebrating the 4th of July provides an opportunity for all of us to experience patriotism.  The joy and delight on the faces of people from all walks of life and backgrounds celebrating our day of independence was a sight to behold. No dangerous incidents were reported as far as I know.  To feel a part of something important and larger than each of us individually is essential to engagement. 

On the job engagement results when one feels well matched to the tasks assigned them. Tasks need to be assigned in a clear fashion, with clarity about what, how, when and where.   Managers, who clearly understand and value accountable, managerial leadership principles and practices, create the conditions in which organization engagement flourishes.

Perhaps a lesson from experiencing patriotism will help us re-engage.