What Role Do Commitment & Trust Play In The Workplace?

I happened to catch Neville Isdell a former CEO of Coca Cola who had worked for the company for 42 years being interviewed on CBS the other day.  He’s written a new book entitled Inside Coca Cola.  Two things stood out for me from this interviewthe first that he had studied social work at university. Go to http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7385779n&tag=mncol;lst;2  Of particular interest to me as my graduate work is in Social Work.  The knowledge and skills I learned at Columbia University  School of Social Work are foundational to my skill as a consultant and inform my thinking about the role of social policy in community building.  Isn't community organization closely aligned with building a vibrant culture in a company? Isdell also commented on the importance of gaining the commitment of your workforce to the success of the business.  “You can have compliance but to be truly successful you need commitment.”  What is commitment?  Simply stated for me when workers will do what they say they will do, and if they can’t will inform you as soon as they realize it. When they feel part of something bigger than themselves and recognize the role they play is important to overall success and valued management and co-workers.

If you read my blog a few weeks ago 4S you know I am passionate about Steve Jobs.  Little did I know the biography was in print, ready to be shipped when I commented about looking forward to reading a biography of the man.  Walter Isaacson has been interviewed on most news outlets about the man and the book.  Today in the Fast Company daily journal there is a short piece with a wonderful video of Steve talking about the essence of teamwork.  He addresses the importance of collegial working relationships while speaking of his executive team, the ability to trust people will do what they say they’ll do and the importance of these elements cascading down throughout the organization. Go to  http://www.fastcompany.com/1790791/steve-jobs-biography-walter-isaacson?partner=homepage_newsletter  to hear for yourself.  He also references simplicity of organization structure which I'll talk about at another time.

Engaged organizations are built upon values and business strategy.  People are essential to building a product or delivering a service.  The role of a manager has inherent in it the accountability to build a team among those in roles directly subordinate.  Three- tier team building helps insure the cascading of ways of working and the communication flow throughout the organization.   BEI exists to assist managers to build engaged organizations and transform the world of work.  Trust and commitment are key components to this process.  Businesses, which utilize and celebrate the talents and skills of employees, are trust inducing. and characterized by a committed and loyal workforce.  When people are acknowledged for their contributions and have clarity regarding what is expected of them they are most effective.  Trust inducing work systems provide profit for shareholders, satisfaction for employees, and add value to society.