Do You Check Your Horoscope Daily?

Are you one of those people who like to read your horoscope in the newspaper regularly, or follow an astrological newsletter?  Most who have been reading my blogs know I frequently mention mercury retrogrades. I guess I am one of the curious about the influence astrology has in our everyday lives.  Yesterday I received a newsletter from Rose Marcus discussing the current astral configuration as one “moving great multitudes over great distances” Go to In the past week my mailbox has been flooded with invitations to listen to webinars or sign up for teleconferences addressing the need to come together and influence the course of events here on earth.  You can visit the or to learn more about these efforts to align people to focus on world peace, responsibility and accountability.  In its simplest form this is an attempt to test out the Hundredth Monkey Theory that was so popular years ago.  Why not participate?  The thought of having millions of people aligning towards world peace is thrilling to me.

From the standpoint of the workplace wouldn’t it be exciting if management and employees truly did align according to a set of core values and actually walked their talk.  I met with a company last week, which seems to be doing just that.  A bank intent on realizing its strategic plan to become a full scale commercial bank ( I won’t name them without permission) has trained branch managers and personnel in new ways of thinking and shifting their mindset by introducing some of Napoleon Hill’s concepts. They’ve expanded the program to tellers and corporate personnel.  The Napoleon Hill work stresses self-responsibility for what happens in one’s life.  This is an exciting attempt to build greater engagement throughout their organization.

I do hope you will check out some of the websites I’ve referred to.  Note that mercury will begin retrograding at the end of the month Thanksgiving Day to be exact.   Wishing you all a Blessed Thanksgiving.  BEI will be closed from November 24th –December 6th.  Watch for our next newsletter in mid December.  Blogs will continue weekly.