Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

While driving back from the East End of Long Island Sunday evening I had to do some dancing along the airwaves to find the music I wanted to listen to for the 115 mile trip. Traveling through different counties interferes with FM radio reception. As I went from rock, to Greek, to classic and jazz, I couldn’t believe that one of the stations was playing non stop Christmas Carols. We haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving yet and they have full Christmas programming? What is this saying about our culture? Autumn itself seems to speed up time. In what seems like a blink of an eye we go from Halloween to Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. In between a variety of Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim and other religions are celebrating special feast days. I’d like to use this blog to invite us each to slow down and breathe.

I’ve heard a lot of people comment recently about how they love Thanksgiving. No gifts, being with friends and family and sharing food. For the past fifteen years or so I’ve decided instead of sending Season’s Greetings to clients in December I send handwritten thank you notes at thanksgiving. Appreciating clients have a choice of who they hire I like to let them know how much I appreciate they’re choosing Bova Enterprises.

Similarly I invite you to take a moment this Thanksgiving to thank your employees for the effort they have expended for your business, and to you personally. When people feel appreciated they want to give more. As managers we too need to recognize how grateful we are. This week spend a moment in gratitude to reflect on what you do have.

These are trying times. Most of us have less than we had before. We are doing more with less staff at work. Perhaps it’s harder to close that new deal. Are we being asked to adjust our price? I encourage each of us to reflect this Thanksgiving and express gratitude for our gifts. Thank the people you work with on a daily or scheduled basis. Slow down, take a deep breath, smile and express your gratitude to someone else. Not only will you feel good but you will make their day!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

FYI we are off to Hawaii and will return to the blog the week of December 7th .