Initiating Peace

Summer fully upon us, bizarre weather patterns occurring around the globe. We took a pass on a July blog but feel compelled to write now. Will be brief and to the point.  Friday August 8th 2014 is a Global Day of Peace.  Numerous organizations and groups around the world are asking members to focus on peace that day.  Each and every one of us needs a more peaceful personal existence. We all know too many places in the world where people are terrorized by their own governments, governments that threaten their sovereignty, terrorist organizations. and thugs. Natural disasters and the Ebola virus also terrorize innocent citizens of the world.  I long for peace and know many in my circles of influence long for it too, which is why I’m writing to you today.  Below is a link to an initiative in which I will be participating.  

Visit globalmeditation and sign up to be part of this important global meditation event of the year. You need not know how to meditate to participate. Or can just google Global Peace Day and find out about more ways to participate.  Simply if you just set an hourly reminder on your smart phone and sing (or hum)  or say the phrase "let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me" you will be adding to a ground swell of worldwide peace consciousness that day, as well as on a cellular level bringing peace consciousness to the cells of your body.


Also this weekend, on Sunday, August 10th at 2:09 PM EDT the moon enters her full stage and this is the second “super full moon” of the three that will occur this year. I looked at the moon Tuesday evening and couldn’t believe how bright she was. So I encourage all of you to spend some time gazing at what many Native peoples refer to as Grandmother Moon as she radiates in her fullness.  Treat yourselves to this awesome sight.


An earlier blog addressed some of the changes underway at BEI. It continues to be an important time as we find a new balance in our work, client base and other undertakings.  Enjoy the heat of August.  As the song says "see you in September"!