You Have to First Move Slow Before You Can Move Fast

I am a real fan of Fast Company magazine and their daily online newsletter.  This morning while managing my inbox, I saw Fast Company’s slide show of the 10 Most Creative Women In Business. I also happened on a feature they have been running for quite some time: The 30 Second MBA program. This week’s focus is “What Have You Learned About Collaborating From Separate Locations?” Each day a different expert gives a reply. I chuckled this AM as the reply was the importance of communication, face to face whenever possible, using technology, etc. perhaps the real message was how to say a lot in a short amount of time.  Certainly the speaker used language efficiently.  Conflicting ideas…a 30 second MBA and the importance of communication and knowing to whom we are communicating.  I’m reminded of the adage “you have to first move slow before you can move fast”.  Our challenge in today’s business world is spending enough quality time with co-workers and colleagues to get to know them and build trust so that you can count on them to do what they say they will do and or what you need them to do. Remember trust is an essential ingredient of an engagedorg.

10 Most Creative Women in Business:

30 Second MBA: