How Do You Demonstrate Your Brilliance?

I believe each of us has a unique gift we bring into the world.  Some might refer to that gift as our uniqueness I prefer to refer to that gift as our brilliance.  I’m using brilliance in a slightly different fashion referring to brightness. Brilliancy is captured in degrees and I like to think that we all shine.  As human beings our brilliancy differs. Some of us make scientific discoveries that change how all of us live our lives. Some invent computer chips while others invent ponytail clips.  Sometimes the one who invents the computer chip makes less than the one who invented the ponytail clip. Others might have a beautiful smile.  When they smile their face lights up and their smile is contagious.  A hello from a homeless person on the street on the other hand can change the attitude of a successful person having a down day.

Perhaps we might say brilliance is in the eye of the beholder. Engaged organizations create opportunities for individual’s brilliance to shine and grow in intensity. They celebrate the unique contributions and characteristics of the workforce. Half of the time we don’t see what is in front of us, which in part is today’s theme and will be taken to a different level next week.

For your viewing pleasure please watch the linked video.  Take note of this individual’s brilliance and enjoy the message as well.