Nothing Like September To Get Your Juices Flowing!

Don’t know if it’s the subtle change in weather indicating the transition to a new season but my in box has been flooded with opportunities to listen to webinars featuring well known speakers in the fields of sociology, psychology, leadership and world peace.  I signed up for two, week long fests Peace Week (did you notice the link in last weeks blog), and The NLP Mindfest.  I’m curious if any of you took my suggestion to sign up for Peace Week?  I never know whether I’ll be able to attend the many offerings scheduled but why pass up a free opportunity.  In the spirit of generosity and sharing knowledge this blog summarizes cogent points.  Two presentations stand out for me.  And it happens that each was from one of the aforementioned events. Yesterday I listened to Matthew James talk about NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and Huna (the ancient Hawaiian spiritual and healing tradition).  NLP when first identified focused on “finding excellence in communication”.  It demonstrates how the conscious and unconscious mind work together. When I became a certified NLP practitioner there was no mention of the role energy might play in this process.  In his book The Biology Of Belief, Bruce Lipton addresses the role energy plays in belief.  Simply stated when you believe something and want to adopt a new belief, the amount of energy you can put behind the new belief will affect your success in actualizing that new belief.  James’ discussion went on to discuss The 3 Selves: the conscious mind; the unconscious mind and higher consciousness also referred to as energy, spirit or in Jung’s terminology the collective unconscious.

According to James the 3 Selves must be in full alignment with the 4 Aspects of who we are, a core component of Huna.  These are Spirit/energy, Mental, Emotional and Physical, which can be presented in a hierarchical fashion with a trickle down affect stemming from energy or purpose through the other aspects and manifesting in the physical world.  Go to for more information.  Must say I appreciated the introduction to Huna and weaving it together with NLP teachings and technique.

Friday, September 16th  I listened to a couple of consecutive programs sponsored at Peace Week conducted by Michael Beckwith, Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson.  Deepak talked about the importance of having quiet time each morning as you start your day.  He also discussed having a focus of peace for each day.

  • Sunday: Being Peace;
  • Monday: Feeling Peace -love, joy, compassion and equanimity;
  • Tuesday: Thinking peace by letting peaceful thoughts permeate your thinking;
  • Wednesday: Speaking peace focusing on creating happiness in the listener;
  • Thursday: Acting peace furthering peace in your interactions with others;
  • Friday: Creating peace engaging in approaches to reduce conflict, eliminate misunderstanding;, engaging in non violent speech,  and
  • Saturday: Celebrating peace through ritual and celebration.

He suggests if you notice a strong emotional energy rising up in you, take a few deep breaths, smile to yourself, think a loving thought and then speak. This can even be done when you are answering a phone call.  According to Deepak it totally shifts the vibration.   This is a technique for living mindfully.  It can be used in all interactions.