An avid Apple fan I like millions around the world was saddened by the death of Steve Jobs.  When he stepped down in August we all knew his death was imminent.  But just like knowing my father would never leave the hospital 14 years ago, and my mother, brother and I and the rest of our immediate family “prepared” ourselves for his death we learned we are never prepared. I have been a Steve Jobs fan since Apple was launched.  I am proud to say I’ve never bought a PC nor worked on a PC for more than 10 minutes.  I was always puzzled why people bought PC’s, which were susceptible to viruses and would break down.  Yes they are inexpensive but most require some kind of repair or fix when attacked by a virus.  If you add up those costs the PC is much more expensive than any Mac.

I’ve learned a great deal about Steve in the week that he died.  Not being a techie I never closely followed launches of new products or truly understood the scope of their uniqueness.  A genius he’s being compared to DaVinci, Michelangelo, Edison.  His legacy continues to grow as we learn much more about this unique individual. I hunger to learn more about this man. I hope the biography is written by a masterful wordsmith, one able to capture the full spectrum of the man.

A Buddhist.  Simply dressed in jeans and a black turtleneck.  Perceived as being difficult individual, yet he inspired loyalty among employees and customers.  Holding himself to a high standard, and holding others to high standards as well.  His love of beauty and appreciation of esthetics and precision was influenced by calligraphy.  I love my apple products.  I love my iMac with its floating screen, my macbook is eleven and on its last legs but I love the feel of it when I take it out of its case.  I replaced my iPhone 3 S with a 4 last March.  As I write this morning I’m moved to free it from the confines of its case.   Now I feel and appreciate it simple elegance when in my hand.

There has been much talk that no one can replace Steve Jobs and Apple will never be the same.  I’d like to think Steve did everything he could to transfer his gifts to those who have been selected to take the helm now.  I think he has created a engaged organization with a strong foundation.  When word came out last week that the launch was not for the iPhone 5 but for the iPhone 4S many viewed it as a negative.  I wondered if that was to provide Jim Cook with the opportunity to introduce the next version on his own terms.  This morning watching a review of the new iPhone with its magical capabilities one of the commentators wondered aloud about 4S…for Steve.

My heart aches for the loss of this very special business leader and innovator.  All of us who love what he created can honor him by bringing a little bit of him into everything we do.  Imagine the world we’d create.

Rest in Peace Steve! Condolences to his wife and children and all who have been touched by his greatness.